A Community Created Site

This site and forum was founded by audio enthusiasts looking for a place with a strong sense of community and a place to speak freely without the annoyances that come with typical communities (delusional audio extremism, dishonest influences/marketers, and just general assholes that ruin the fun for everyone). We want to have discussion here, not arguments; if it’s not fun why bother. While the platform was created by a majority of people spending too much time, money, and energy on audio, the goal of the community is to gather a diverse, pleasant, and open minded group of individuals to make this place the best location for all kinds of audio discussions. From the ultra high end to the ultra budget, old school to new school, 2 channel to in ears, experts to beginners, etc, and all in between, we discuss it here if it relates to quality audio reproduction. We hope you enjoy your time here, and potentially hop into the discussion and madness from time to time as well

Who writes the articles?

Our forum members do! Any of the active forum members can write a piece if they want to, so you’ll see a lot of variety between articles as they’re coming from many different perspectives and viewpoints, and a wide range of topics too.

Is it just articles?

No, it’s actually only a pretty small portion of the site, the mass majority of activity and discussion happens on our forum. But the forum isn’t visible to the public.

How do I get involved?

Looking to get in on the discussion? Sign up on the forum!