How does one end up here…

I’ve enjoyed stereo equipment of all kinds going on 30+ yrs. now. Back in the late 80’s and 90’s many a vehicle was torn up and lovingly re-formed inside to spew forth as many DB’s of bass as we could get. In the process of building those rolling speaker boxes we learned about soundstage, imaging, overemphasis of certain frequencies, audio dynamics and other qualities of sound and it’s signatures.

Fast forward to the present day and the love of 2 channel audio has bloomed in every corner of my home. Having an awesome, loving and beautiful partner who both appreciates and accepts my desire to grow and experience the hobby as far as our finances allow is a blessing. As an avid enthusiast i research and look for peoples genuine experiences w/ equipment to help me make my own decisions.

This forum is my own small contribution back to the hobby and other enthusiasts. If my own documented experiences can help someone in the hobby someday, taking the time to document them is made worthwhile. I enjoy what the “professionals” have to say, but once a salesman always a salesman. Enthusiasts like myself write from a place of passion within that no paid reviewer can ever be trusted to match.